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This research project examined the effect of vacuum conditions on multinozzle jets employed during the refining of stainless steels in VOD vessels with a view to reducing splashing and maximizing decarburization while improving process control.
In an initial phase, a one sixteenth scale model using mercury as the liquid metal was built and parameters for three port nozzle lance designs were evaluated. On the basis of these results, two lances were tested in an 80 t VOD unit with 22 torr exit design pressure and port nozzle angles of 6( ) and 8( ). Results demonstrated that splash was reduced from an average of 2.97% of the charge to 0.93% for a 6( ) port angle and to 0.41% for an 8( ) angle. Process operations were not deleteriously affected, with decarburization rates and chromium losses giving similar results for all lances. Oxygen/carbon ratio utilization levels have been slightly increased. The 8( ) angle and 22 torr port exit design pressure oxygen lance is now in normal production use on the 80 t VOD unit at the contractor's works.

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Authors: WORRALL M, Stocksbridge Engineering Steels, Sheffield (GB)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 15515 EN (1996) 46pp., FS, ECU 8.50
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-827-5905-9
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