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The purpose of the dioxin survey was to investigate the formation of dioxins during the melting process in the electronic arc furnace (EAF) at Det Danske Stålvalsev�rk (DDS). The dioxins surveys were carried out one or more heats where the dioxin content, as well as other parameters, was determined in the flue gas in different locations throughout the exhaust system from the EAF. The following conclusions were drawn:

- In the hot gas duct the dioxin concentration varies between 1 and 32 TCDD.eq ng/N m{3};
- There seems to be a correlation between N m{3} flue gas/ton scrap and ng TCDD-eq/ton scrap in the hot gas duct;
- The emission concentration of dioxin varies from 0.01 to 1.07 TCDD-eq ng/N m{3} or from 21 to 3,600 TCDD-eq ng/ton;
- The emission of dioxin from the shop is negligible;
- No de novo synthesis seems to take place under the cooling process in the heat exchanger;
- The major part of dioxin is found in the dust trapped in the bag filter;
- There is a good correlation between dust concentration and dioxin concentration in the off-gas from the bag filter;
- It has not been possible to verify that the majority of dioxins are formed during certain parts of the melting period.

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Authors: PEDERSE J, Det Danske Stålvalsev�rk A/S, Frederiksv�rk (DK)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 16662 EN (1997) 79pp., FS, ECU 13.50
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-828-0327-9
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