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  • Quality improvement of blast furnace slags by adjustment of porosity in order to secure its usability: Part B: Investigations to decrease the porosity of blast furnace slags


Because of changes in blast furnace practice, the quality characteristics of the slag have clearly reduced particularly concerning the porosity. The aim of this research paper is to investigate the reactions which lead to the porosity of slag. Then the reactions must be influenced by special measures in order to produce dense slag of higher quality.

Treatment of liquid blast furnace slags with oxidising agents, such as ore and mill scale, can activate the elimination of gas from the liquid slag in the slag ladle, so that this reaction has almost completed before the slag is led into the slag pit. During the solidification no further development of gases appears and the slag solidifies densely. The aim to produce slag of the type HOS-A according to the German standard DIN 4301 has been achieved in the laboratory as well as in plant experiments. The research has been brought to an end successfully considering the aims which had been set. The laboratory results can be transferred to working practice. .

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Authors: KÜHN K, Forschungsgemeinschaft Eisenhüttenschlacken eV, Duisburg (DE);KUHN K, Forschungsgemeinschaft Eisenhuttenschlacken eV, Duisburg (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 16623 DE (1997) 88pp., FS, ECU 15
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-828-1005-4
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