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Since the earliest days of pharmacology, the dose-effect relationship has been essential to all research with drugs. In the preclinical phases of development of new drugs, the dose-effect principle plays a similar dominant role. However, when it comes to transfer of this information to the clinical drug development, a number of problems arise. The first new drug administration to man is essentially a dose question, and the further development from then on requires considerable thoughts on dosing strategies taking scientific, clinical, economic and ethical aspects into account. For market authorization, formal requirements for clinical dose-effect documentation have been proposed, but the clinical reality in psychopharmacology is that clear-cut dose-effect data are difficult or impossible to achieve. These research problems are related to design, effect measurements and variability. The variability, being of genetic, environmental, constitutional or cultural origin, may affect pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics or disease pattern. At the 7th International Meeting on Clinical Pharmacology in Psychiatry (IMCPP) in Badajoz, Spain, 23-25 October 1997, an international panel of experts met to discuss these complex issues related to dose-effect research. This book collects the plenary lectures, as well as several of the poster presentations at the meeting.

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Authors: BALANT L P, University of Geneva, Department of Psychiatry, Clinical Research Unit (CH);BENÍTEZ J, University of Extremadura, Medical School, Department of Pharmacology and Psychiatry, Badajoz (ES);DAHL S G, University of Tromsø, Department of Pharmacology (NO);GRAM L F, Odense University, Department of Clinical Pharmacology (DK);PINDER R M, NV Organon, Oss (NL);POTTER W Z (EDITORS), Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis (US)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 18168 EN (1997) 440pp., ECU 53
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-828-3555-3
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