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This report is prepared in three parts:

- Part 1 - Work at British Steel;
- Part 2 - Work at MPI;
- Part 3 - A comparison of BS and MPI results.

The project was organized as a series of charging experiments at BS to provide further understanding of the factors influencing the solubility of hydrogen in a range of commercial and experimental steels. A selection of samples was supplied to MPI for comparative work using the permeability method and MPI supplied a series of iron alloys for charging work at BS. Work to link the experimental results with the onset of hydrogen cracking is also included.

Additional information

Authors: RANDERSON K, British Steel plc, London (GB);CAREY H C, British Steel plc, London (GB);HAYKIN S, British Steel plc, London (GB);RIECKE E, British Steel plc, London (GB);SCHOMBERG K, British Steel plc, London (GB)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 18293 EN (1998) 143pp., ECU 25.00
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-828-3856-0