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The goal of the EC project RESMEDES was to further develop space borne tools for the study of processes at land surfaces which may lead to desertification in the Mediterranean area. This included improvement of standardization and quality of satellite data products, inference of primary data sets (surface reflectance, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), emissivity, temperature, and vegetation indices) from which complex secondary data set for process studies are derived, comparison of satellite data products with in situ measurements in test areas, generation of multi-temporal data sets and compilation of basin-wide pilot data sets. In parallel to this basic research into the advancement of the accuracy and applicability of remote sensing satellite data longer time series of primary parameters such as reflectance, albedo, and vegetation indices have been produced on an experimental basis for specific landscapes to further the methodology of expanding the computation of fluxes to the whole Mediterranean basin. Furthermore NIMBUS-scanning multichannel microwave radiometry (SMMR) passive microwave data have been evaluated over Spain and their potential was tested to quantify in combination with a hydrological model soil moisture changes over almost a decade.

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Authors: CEC, CEC Bruxelles (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 18352 EN (1998) 39pp., ECU 7.00
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ISBN: ISBN 92-827-4040-4
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