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British Steel Technology and Sidenor I+D have been partners in a project to investigate control of defect development in long products, through improved operating practices and control techniques. The main aims of the project were to enhance the hot deformation behaviour of concast material via thermal treatment, to improve surface quality of hot-rolled products through the use of billets with large corner radii and to establish a computer based system that will allow specification of the history of rolling defects found in long products. The computer-based system was to be developed using mathematical models and trial data. Other aims were to be achieved via laboratory and plant trials, as well as computer modelling.

All these aims have been achieved. Plant trials at Sidenor I+D have shown that self-reheating treatment can positively affect high temperature plasticity, and that an online system of strand treatment is feasible. Billets cast with 40mm corner radii (standard radii are 10mm) showed a 40% reduction in rejection rates due to the presence of corner related cracks. At British Steel, techniques to analyse defect development during rolling have been devised, instigated and validated against experimental rolling trials. Data and knowledge generated within this part of the project have been established within a user friendly database system.

The knowledge generated within the project as a whole can now be applied as required, though further enhancement of the techniques and systems employed will continue. Although reheating effects on defect development also need to be addressed in the future, it has shown that this combined knowledge (and that from future developments) can be applied to reducing defect rates at all stages of the steel processing route from casting through to the end of

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Authors: LARAUDOGOTIA J J, Sidenor I+D, Basauri (ES);LAINEZ E, Sidenor I+D, Basauri (ES);MOIR S A, British Steel, Middlesbrough (UK);ADDERLEY B, British Steel, Middlesbrough (UK)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19869 EN (2001), pp. 116. Euro: 17.50
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ISBN: ISBN 92-894-1436-7
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