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  • Establishment of anti-crash/anti-intrusion solution based on high-strength stainless steels to increase the passive safety of vehicles (Inoxsafe)


Passive safety of vehicles is increasing by means of solutions based on new designs and new materials for structural components. Stainless steels have a strong potential application in crash resistance devices due to their high strength and energy absorption properties. In this project the application on side-impact protection devices is explored.

Several materials have been selected and qualified ranging from standard and high-strength carbon steels to different stainless steels, including austenitic, martensitic and duplex grades. A finite element model of an anti-intrusion beam, inserted into a simplified scheme of the car body, has been set up and used to compare the material response during a lateral impact.

The material data has been inserted into the finite element model. The material response has been studied focusing the attention on the safety criteria ruled by the international standards on car crash testing. Crash tests on beam prototypes have been performed by using a drop weight machine. The study demonstrated that stainless steels have a wider application range in terms of yield strength selection. Good formability properties and residual plastic deformations are available in the component even for the hardened states.

On the contrary, high-strength carbon steels may have some formability problems and low energy absorption capacity during crash phenomena. In this case, as strong design effort is needed to match the manufacturing and performance criteria. By using high-strength stainless steels, the component performances can be improved up to 30-50% with respect to the conventional carbon steel based solutions.ions.

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Authors: MARTOS TIRADO J L, Acerinox SA, Los Barrios (ES);COPPOLA T, CSM, Rome (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19982 EN (2001), pp. 131. Euro: 20.50
Availability: Available from EUR-OP sales agent URL:
ISBN: ISBN 92-894-1590-8
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