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This report describes the final stages of an analysis of the uncertainty in the predictions of the probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) of the European accident consequence assessment system, COSYMA. This report describes the overall analysis; the earlier stages of the project are described in a series of separate reports. The main aims of the study can be summarised as:
-1. To formulate a state-of-the-art judgement methodology which is capable of finding broad acceptance.
-2. To apply the methodology to estimate uncertainties associated with the prediction of the PRA code COSYMA.
-3. To provide an input into identifying future R&D priorities. s.

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Authors: GOOSSENS L H J, Delft University of Technology (NL);KRAAN B C P, Delft University of Technology (NL);COOKE R M, Delft University of Technology (NL);JONES J A, NRPB Didcot (GB);BROWN J, NRPB Didcot (GB);EHRHARDT J, FZK, Karlsruhe (DE);FISCHER F, FZK, Karlsruhe (DE);HASEMANN I, FZK, Karlsruhe (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 18826 EN (2001), pp.240. Euro: 37.00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-2088-X
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