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Final report on Contract No 7210-PR/021: 01/07/1997 to 31/12/2000.

The guidelines for the production of high C (0.80 to 0.85 %) steel wire rods of large diameter, suitable for the manufacture of high strength drawn wires with a 4 to 11 mm diameter, were established through a cooperative programme carried out by CSM, IHSW, VAAD and CEIT.

The new steels were designed in order to be processed through an economical route based on concast billets and in line controlled cooling of wire rods.

The best microstructure, constituted of a predominant pearlitic structure with a fine interlamellar spacing, was obtained by the base 0.8C-0.7Mn-0.25Cr steel and the 0.8C-0.6Mn-0.2Cr-0.06V steel. A clear increase in wire rod strength, compared to the standard steel grades, was reached by controlled additions of Cr and V. However, the risk of cementite formation increased significantly. This problem can be solved by raising the cooling rate in the temperature range 800 to 1000°C. The first industrial trials were promising.

Also, criteria to improve mechanical descaleability of small diameter (5.5 to 6.5 mm) wire rods were given. An increase of scale thickness clearly improves the mechanical descaleability. For high C steels, laying temperatures in the range 900 to 930°C are recommended. Industrial trials confirmed the validity of this solution to improve descaleability by mechanical methods. Higher temperatures appear detrimental due to the formation of haematite and magnetite in place of wustite. The decomposition of wustite shouls can also be avoided by high cooling rates below 600°C. 600°C.

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Authors: ANELLI E, CSM, Rome (IT);RODRÍGUEZ IBABE J M, CEIT, San Sebastiàn (ES);STERCKEN K, ISPAT HSW, Hamburg (DE);THIELE M, ISPAT HSW, Hamburg (DE);SCHIFFERL H A, VAAD, Leoben-Donawitz (AT);HABERZ K, VAAD, Leoben-Donawitz (AT);RODRIGUEZ IBABE J M, CEIT, San Sebastian (ES)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20195 EN (2002), pp.169. Euro: 25:00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3202-0
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