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The aim of the project was to re-engineer, develop and test a new system to pour liquid steel from ladle to tundish. Casting shroud over pressurisation is induced with respect to atmosphere, beneficial for product quality (no steel re-oxidation), and cost saving (reduction of refractory costs and maintenance by eliminating the slide gate).

As a result of the work, positive and negative points were assessed.

- 'Reverse stopper' use proved to be successful on 30% of tests at Ugine. Moreover, the IRSID modelling study with this system gave results that were not encouraging, highlighting problems of slag entrapment affecting steel cleanliness.

- The former 'LS rotor' configuration was enhanced with CSM cold model studies up to a design giving no steel splashing in the tundish. But the modifications proposed were evaluated as being too expensive to allow its industrial realisation. Therefore, no casting tests were made on plant.

Anyway, the LS manipulator for rotor equipment was successfully tested at AST and is currently used on plant. The negative points severely affected the industrial application and potential savings of the concept. Therefore, to avoid spending more money, it was proposed and agreed with the Commission to stop the research at the end of 2000.

Additional information

Authors: DE SANTIS M, CSM, Rome (IT);SELARIES J, Ugine, Paris (FR);CAPOTOSTI R, Accial Speciali Terni, Terni (IT);RICHARD F N, Vesuvius, Ghlin (BE);BURTY M, IRSID, Maizières-lès-Metz (FR)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20301EN (2002), pp.44. Euro: 7.00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3441-4
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