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In view of the desirability of further improvements in vehicle fuel economy and passenger comfort, a research programme has been carried out to identify suitable compositions and processing conditions for a range of high-strength strip steels with tensile strengths of 600 to greater than 800 Mpa, possessing optimum formability and fatigue performance together with acceptable weldability and surface quality.

The following basic steel types were considered:

- Ferrite-pearlite and ferrite-bainite CMn steels with additions of Nb, Ti or V.
- Low carbon bainitic steels.
- Low silicon ferrite-martensite dual-phase steels, including precipitation strengthened variants.
- High aluminium TRIP steels.

In line with the objectives of the project, various options have been identified for the production of high-strength steel types with tensile strengths in the range 600 to greater than 850 Mpa, with semi-industrial or full-scale production trials being conducted on the more promising compositions. The formability and fatigue performance of a range of existing production materials has been characterised, together with that of the trial materials produced within the project. The effects of microstructure and test method on hole expansion performance have been examined. Further work on the weldability of the various steel types would be desirable, particularly in terms of the effects of welding on fatigue performance.

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Authors: EVANS P J, Corus UK Ltd, Port Talbot (GB);DE RO A, CRM, Zwijnaarde (Gent) (BE);D'HAEYER R, CRM, Zwijnaarde (Gent) (BE);ONINK M, Corus NL, IJmuiden (NL);VAN BENSCHOP L J, Corus NL, IJmuiden (NL);FLEMING J, Corus NL, IJmuiden (NL);STIASZNY P, Voest-Alpine Stahl, Linz (AT);EIGELSBERGER M, Voest-Alpine Stahl, Linz (AT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20213 EN (2002), pp.206. Euro: 31.00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-6707-2
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