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The industrial R&D goals of this project are to improve the control of inclusions during the RH degassing process through the development and validation of numerical modelling.

A 3D multiphase flow simulation, time-dependent flow and heat transfer, movement of the surface, decarburisation and separation of non-metallic inclusions have been achieved at the BFI. Experimental model investigations have been performed to evaluate the influence of a changed geometry on the circulation rate.

In parallel, IRSID has developed and tested the numerical modelling of the behaviour of inclusions involving the coalescence phenomena during the RH vacuum process. Trials on a steel plant and simulation results are not in good agreement. Probably some re-oxidation by air inputs or by the refractories happened during the treatment, but the model does not take this phenomenon into account.

CRM worked on the possibility of interacting with the composition of melt and inclusions by injecting reagent powder in the liquid steel during the RH vacuum treatment. One of the conclusion of trials performed T Sidmar shows that the use of a CaO/GaF2 top slag leads to a high level of cleanness and a low level of sulphur. Care must be taken concerning the refractories' wear.

A 3D combined fluid flow/thermodynamic model of the RH degassing process has been developed for Si Mn deoxidised steels which includes the formation of slags and inclusions. Agreement between the calculated and the actual top slag composition at the end of the degassing process for a particular rail steel cast was good.

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Authors: GACHER L, IRSID, Maizières-lès-Metz (FR);HASSALL G, Corus UK Ltd, Middlesborough (GB);MARIQUE C, CRM, Liège (BE);MATTY H, CRM, Liège (BE);TUSSET V, CRM, Liège (BE);RÖDL S, BFI-VDEh, Düsseldorf (DE);RODL S, BFI-VDEh, Dusseldorf (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20179 EN (2002), pp.192. Euro: 29.50
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3164-4
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