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  • Intercomparison of trichothecene analysis and feasibility to produce certified calibrants and reference material: Homogeneity and stability studies - Final intercomparison


Final report on Contract no. SMT4-CT96-2047 (Part II).

The report describes the homogeneity and stability studies on trichothecene calibrants, solution with unknown trichothecene mass concentration and trichothecene contaminated wheat used in the final intercomparison of trichothecene analysis. The results from the final intercomparison of trichothecene analysis are also reported.

The trichothecenes were found to be homogenous and stable, when dissolved in acetonitrile and stored in glass ampoules under argon at temperatures up to +25º C during at least 24 months. Trichothecenes stored in ethyl acetate or as thin films were not stable at temperatures above freezing.

The final intercomparison of trichothecenes in solution showed a good agreement with the mass concentration prepared by weight, but a relatively high between-laboratory variation and an even higher within-laboratory variation. No improvements were found compared to the first intercomparison. The final intercomparison of trichothecenes in wheat showed similar between-laboratory variations to what was found for trichothecenes in solution. The within-laboratory variations were still high. The use of matrix assisted calibration seems not to have lowered the variation. Most laboratories had, however, been able to reduce or eliminate the matrix effect.

The between-laboratory variations and especially the within-laboratory variations found in the intercomparisons are too high for the use in certification exercises. The use of matrix assisted calibration and internal GC-standards, which most laboratories using GC-MS systems consider necessary in routine analyses, are also questionable in certification.

Additional information

Authors: PETTERSSON H, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Uppsala (SE);LANGSETH W, National Veterinary Institute, Oslo (NO)
Bibliographic Reference: European Commission, DG Research, 2002. EUR 20285/2 EN, pp.145. (BCR Information series) Free of charge
Availability: EUR-OP reference: KI-NA-20285-EN-C Available from: Documentation Service of DG Research Fax: +32 2 295 8220 E-mail:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3450-3
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