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A new Candidate to EU Accession - Croatia, "S&T developments"

Funded under: FP6


Croatia participates in the 6th Framework Programmes of the European Communities for research and technological development as a third country.
Following the decision of Head of Sates and Governments, on June 18, 2004, Croatia is now offered a status of "Candidate Country" to the European Union. The coming negotiations will aim at having Croatia recognising, accepting and adopting the acquis communautaire
Due to its specificity, the acquis in the field of science and research does not require any transposition in the national legal order. In order to ensure the successful implementation of the acquis in this domain, notably the successful association to the Framework Programmes, Croatia will need to create the necessary implementing capacities in the RTD field, including an increase of the personnel related to Framework Programmes' activities.
This brochure is presenting some general information on Croatia and on its S&T policy and basis.

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