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This is the second and final volume summarising the findings of the ECCE (European Child Care and Education) project. The overall project had two interrelated goals:
1. To better understand the nature and quality of care received by 4 year-old Austrian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish children, and how it affects the children�s developmental outcomes.
2. To better understand, from a longitudinal perspective, the nature and quality of care received by 8 year-old Austrian, German, and Spanish children, how it is related to their experiences as 4-year-olds, and how those factors affect children�s developmental outcomes.
For an appropriate and comprehensive understanding of the entire project and its findings, each report should be read in conjunction with the other. However, the reports are organised so they can be read independently. Each goal was addressed by a separate, but conceptually related workpackage as described briefly below.
Workpackage I was a cross-sectional analysis of the child care and educational programmes experienced by 4-year old children in Austria, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. The study focused on the two settings in which children in these countries spend the majority of their time, the family and the Early Childhood Programme (ECP). The purpose of this work was to describe and compare the nature and the quality of young children's experiences in the family and the ECP. The following concepts were used to guide the collection and interpretation of data in each setting.

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