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SuE is the first system dynamics model of the EU 15 economy not based on financial, but on energy and material flows. That defines its weaknesses (no regional disaggregation, no direct modelling of fiscal measures) as well as its strengths (giving directly accessible information on the physical and thus the environmental effects, as well as on the economic and labour impacts of policy measures). It is not intended to provide predictions, but to compare policies and technologies regarding their impacts on economic, social and environmental sustainability.
The scenarios run with the model so far (and all users are invited to develop scenarios of their own) make clear that the current trends in the EU 15 are far from being sustainable: continued, they would increase unemployment, CO2 emissions and material flows.
The scenarios also demonstrate that the traditional strategy of reducing unemployment by strengthening economic growth is not really an option: this would result in economically and environmentally unsustainable situations.

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