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  • Analysis of the stakeholder consultation: "Science and Technology, the key to Europe's future: guidelines for future European policy to support research" COM(353)2004, DG Research, European Commission


The European Commission is preparing its proposals for the next research Framework Programme due to start in 2007. In order to launch a debate a Communication on "Science and Technology, the key to Europe's future: Guidelines for future European Union policy to support research" was published 16 June 2004. Following this, an open consultation was launched on 30 July 2004 to obtain views and comments on these guidelines with a deadline for responses of 15 October 2004.
This report provides the statistical results and analyses the main messages arising from the online consultation, where over 1700 responses were received including over 8000 written comments on the various aspects of the guidelines. In addition to the online responses, the Commission is receiving a number of position papers and other written contributions for the preparation of the 7th Framework Programme proposals. To date, over 100 such documents have been received. In addition, more detailed information and consultations have been provided regarding the identification of the research themes for future European Union support. Although they are not the focus of this report, these inputs are being analysed by the Commission in parallel.
The results of the consultation are being used to help the preparation of the Commission's proposal for the 7th Framework Programme which is due to be presented in April 2005.

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