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Evaluation of Migration and Ethnicity related Projects in the 4th and 5th Framework Programme (MigPro), EUR 21700

Project ID: HPSE-CT-2001-60014


The academic activities in the fields of migration and ethnicity cover topics that have become central fields of research and public debate during the last two decades. Before the 1980s, these areas were a sort of proving grounds in which various social scientists probed their worldviews, methods and theories. These fields were not necessarily reviewed because of their political or scientific importance, but rather because of the relative simplicity behind implying differences in these fields in comparison to other social topics. This has changed subsequently, but there is still a wide confusion about which concepts are necessary to effectively study these important social phenomena.
For the purposes of this study, we subsume under the term migration all trans-state mobility of social groups, including labour migrants, refugees, displaced persons and others. The term ethnicity is understood as politically instrumentalised culture. The term culture refers to the symbolic world of our social orientations and the work on these symbols or symbolic formations.
Not only in Europe does research in topics related to migration and ethnicity constitute a fragmented and interdisciplinary field of academic activities, dominated - but not monopolised - by the social sciences. Specialists in sociology, political science, psychology and education, in law and regional studies, in economics and theology, in ethnography and history, as well as in linguistic and cultural studies are analysing international migration processes, the settlement and integration of immigrants, asylum and entry policies, the formation of cultural milieus and minorities, the completion of immigrant communities, the formation of diasporas, the ethnicisation of social and economic processes and the perspectives of cultural diversity.

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