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Participation and the Dynamics of Social Positioning (PARADYS), Final Report, EUR 23151

Project ID: HPSE-CT-2001-00050


This report presents the results of the research consortium "PARADYS - Participation and the Dynamics of Social Positioning. The case of biotechnology. Images of self and others in decision-making procedures." The consortium has been working between 2001 and 2004, funded by the EU Commission under the contract no. HPSE-CT2001-00050.
The report is the outcome of an interdisciplinary co-operation between sociology and political science on the one hand, and socio-linguistics, particularly controversial analysis on the other. The current paper displays the results of the studies that have been conducted in seven European countries, namely in Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The report integrates these studies with the main goal of formulating policy recommendations for the European Commission.
AT the centre of interest for the research project is the realisation of "citizenship" under different institutional (i.e. procedural) conditions. It is our hypothesis that the procedural conditions influence the structure and function of the notions of citizenship emerging in the communications of theses procedures. The procedural conditions can be described as an aspect of governance.
The PARADYS approach is innovative, insofar as it merges socio-linguistic and sociological studies on the basis of a communication theory, which has its roots in sociological systems theory. Therefore, it represents a type of basic research, but with a distinctive problem orientation. A problem of the praxis, namely the difficulties of citizen participation, diminishing trust in expertise, and difficulties in decision-making, are treated in an inter-disciplinary research. Besides scientific results, policy recommendations are a main goal of the report

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