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Collective Research projects for SMEs, Volume 1, EUR 21450

Funded under: FP6


Collective Research projects are one of two distinct types of project supported by the 'Horizontal research activities involving SMEs' of the EU's Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6, 2002-2006), which together have an overall budget of EUR 473 million.
Collective Research projects are designed to improve the competitiveness of large communities of SMEs by expanding their knowledge base through research and development related to widely-shared technological, environmental, safety or standards issues.
Lasting up to three years, and with budgets of between EUR 2 million and EUR 5 million, these projects are led by transnational industrial associations or groupings (IAGs). The IAGs are responsible for out sourcing the required work to 'research performers' - normally, universities or research centres - and become the exclusive owners of the resulting intellectual property rights. 'Core groups' of individual SMEs test the relevance and quality of the results, and may benefit directly from early access and preferential use of them. The IAGs ensure the widespread take-up and exploitation of these results by their member SMEs.
This folder contains profiles of 23 projects from the first FP6 Collective Research call, prepared in the months immediately following their official launch. Similar folders, presenting a selection of projects from the FP6's first Co-operative Research and Economic and Technological Intelligence (ETI) calls, are also available. All FP6 projects can be found on the SME Techweb.

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