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Platform for Improvements in Nuclear Industry and Utility Safety (PLINIUS), Final report

Project ID: FIR1-CT-2001-40152
Funded under: FP5-EAECTP C


This project is aimed at providing support for European research to conduct experiments with prototypic corium in the PLINIUS experimental facility. This large infrastructure at CEA Cadarache is dedicated to the experimental study of molten mixtures containing depleted UO2. It is mainly directed towards severe accident R&D and comprises the following facilities:
VULCANO: a 300 kW plasma arc furnace able to reach 3000 K and to melt and pour 50-100 kg of prototypic corium. Spreading test sections and crucible for sustained heating have been used in VULCANO. Molten Core Concrete Interaction is currently the major activity in VULCANO. Specific instrumentation including high temperature thermometers and up to 8 video and infrared cameras follow the corium evolution. A test has been successfully performed for a German user to validate the COMET core catcher concept with prototypic corium and sustained heating
COLIMA: a smaller scale facility in which a few kilogram of corium can be molten by induction [...]. The crucible is installed in an instrumented enclosure with a temperature-controlled wall capable of representing accidental containment configuration. It is devoted to aerosol and material interaction studies as well as to the determination of some physical properties. A series of tests dedicated to the aerosol release above a VVER440 oxidic corium in reducing atmosphere have been conducted in 2003 for a Bulgarian user group. The Post Test Examinations have been successfully compared to Fission Product release calculations using GEMINI2 and ELSA
KROTOS: devoted to steam explosions, this facility in which a few kilograms of prototypic corium are poured into water has been developed and operated by the Joint Research Centre. It has been reinstalled in a new building extension of the PLINIUS platform. A Slovenian user group has been selected to study material effects (presence of non-volatile FPs and steel oxides in the corium melt) on fuel coolant interaction. [...]

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