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Statistics on Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations: A Survey

Project ID: HPSE-CT-1999-00017


International guidelines for the compilation of balance of payments and international investment position statistics appear in the International Monetary Fund�s Balance of Payments Manual (5th edition) (BPM5) and the OECD�s Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment (3rd edition) (Benchmark). This body of recommendations provides comprehensive and detailed international standards for recording both positions and flows related to FDI. The recommendations cover a wide range of issues, including concepts and definitions, time of recording, collection methods, dissemination, etc.
According to IMF/OECD recommendations:
Direct investment is the category of international investment that reflects the objective of a resident entity in one economy (direct investor) of establishing a lasting interest in an enterprise (the direct investment enterprise) resident in another economy. �Lasting interest� implies the existence of a long-term relationship and a significant degree of influence by the direct investor on the management of the direct investment enterprise. Direct investment involves both the initial transaction between the two entities and all subsequent capital transactions between them and among affiliated enterprises, both incorporated and unincorporated.
A direct investor is defined as an individual, an incorporated or unincorporated public or private enterprise, a government, a group of related individuals, or a group of related incorporated and/or unincorporated enterprises which have a direct investment enterprise that is, a subsidiary, associate or branch, operating in a country other than the country or countries of residence of the direct investor(s).

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