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Cultural Dynamics - A Nest Pathfinder Initiative, EUR 22425

Funded under: FP6-NEST


Culture is prevalent in all facets of human life. Its development is undoubtedly an important achievement of mankind. Understanding culture, its continuities and discontinuities, should therefore be a major concern of science analyses. The central issues facing societies everywhere regarding quality of life (such as poverty, global change, education, criminality and terrorism, immigration and urban regeneration) have a significant cultural dimension.
As levels of affluence rise, economy and business depend increasingly on developments and/or factors that are essentially cultural in nature. Knowledge about the ways in which culture and cultural traits are transmitted, as well as the possibilities these processes allow for in influencing cultural developments and change, make for critical components of strategies to address these issues.
There are also increasingly strong interactions between culture and technology. Developments in technology not only bring new cultural phenomena or opportunities that can bring huge challenges to society, but also increase the speed of development of cultural forms.
The Cultural Dynamics initiative is intended to promote research aimed at bringing together the different fields of science, technology and the humanities, along with concepts, data and analytical methods, to promote a better understanding and predictive capacity relating to transmission, change and innovation in human culture.
The initiative states that projects should address specific questions by bringing different disciplines and levels of analysis to bear in novel combinations. These questions should have high scientific interest in the context of the quest for an integrated understanding of how cultural environments impact individual minds, and how individual minds impact cultural environments.

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