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In the Mini Derucom project quality routines like raw material acceptance tests and similar were investigated in the mixing rooms of the processing partners. It was found that most of the raw materials are specified sufficiently with a number of quality parameters. The only quality parameter, which varies significantly with respect to its specification limits, is the pellet hardness of carbon black. To the contrary, the carbon black fines content is low in the condition of delivery but can change dramatically within the mixing room in dependence of the conveying system and its settings.
Some quality parameters of EPDM polymers were found not specified exactly though influencing the process significantly. The degree of long chain branching and the content of processing aids can be named here. These parameters have been investigated with respect to end article quality in case of different applications within the Mini Derucom project. Furthermore, the exchange of raw materials at constant raw material specification in special application like covered rolls, rubber sleeves and closed cell insulation materials was found to some extend impossible. This means that raw material specifications can�t be standardized. The specification limits of raw materials must be fixed between the rubber processor and raw material suppliers with respect to end article needs. However, only a number of selected raw materials have been able focused in the project, which have been appropriated for investigations in the project. Furthermore, it was decided to focus those raw materials, which are used in recipes in large amounts. On the one hand these parameters are supposed to have influence on the process respectively the quality but on the other hand the information gained in the project is surely limited.

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