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The project aimed to develop cooperation within the Pantanal and the Upper Paraguay River Basin in order to develop sustainable water management at river-basin scale and efficiency in water use. Its background motive was to strengthen the cooperation between policy makers, stakeholders and scientific institutions in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay and to stimulate the cooperation between these three countries, the European Science Community and NGOs working in the region. It has been concluded that the need for cooperation was great as there are economic, political and landscape ecological links between the three countries involved: All three are depending on wise water management; all three have common interests in the Pantanal for water, shipping and economic development and all three share this area but have different political systems that are not yet well coordinated. This project has been considered of interest for Europe as it has a long-standing tradition in river management, biodiversity and related research. The Water Directive and European concepts for water management have been partly guiding water legislation in Brazil. European environmental research groups from different countries have long-term research ongoing in the area, but cooperation and linkagee with authorities were weak or absent. NGOs work in the region, but did not yet cooperate closely with European research.
The project proposed to build an agenda for international research cooperation between Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, the European Union teams and others. Therefore the objective of the project was twofold:
- Developing insights into the scientific, political and socio-economic actions, problems and solutions in relation to sustainable management of the Pantanal and the Upper Paraguay River Basin (UPRB);
- Strengthening institutional and scientific cooperation at national and international levels for the region.

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