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Emerging Nanopatterning Methods (NaPa) - Publishable Final Activity Report

Project ID: 500120
Funded under: FP6-NMP


The four year Emerging Nanopatterning Methods (NaPa) started in March 2004. The NaPa consortium integrated well over 80 % of the viable existing European know-how in nanolithography, the leading institutes and companies active in the field into a single Integrated Project, both anticipating and responding to the increasing need for technologies, standards and metrology required to harness the new application-relevant properties of engineered structures with nm-scale features.
Strategically, the NaPa consortium complemented deep UV technology by providing low-cost scalable processes and tools to cover the needs of nanopatterning from CMOS back-end processes through photonics to biotechnology. To achieve this, research in three technology strands was carried out: Nanoimprint lithography, Soft lithography & self-assembly and MEMS-based nanopatterning. While, in the beginning of the project, the first was at a crucial embryonic stage, and required prompt consolidation to yield its first products within one or two years, the latter two were on target to produce applications towards the end of the project. In addition, research was undertaken in three overarching themes required by all strands: Materials, Tools and Simulation. Thus, thematically, the consortium embraced and pushed forward the state-of-the-art developments in the physical and engineering sciences with the object-driven mission to provide European industrial and academic researchers with a library of novel nanopatterning processes needed to underpin radical innovations and further scientific developments in nanotechnology.

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