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Self-Organised Complex-Spin Magnetic Nanostructures (NANOSPIN) - Publishable Executive Summary

Project ID: 13545
Funded under: FP6-NMP


Nanotechnology, that is, the use of structures whose dimensions are on the nanometre scale to build new materials and devices, is the key to future developments in a wide range of technologies, including materials science, information technology and healthcare. An important aspect of nanotechnology is the recognition that sufficiently small pieces of matter (nanoparticles) have electronic, magnetic and optical properties different from the bulk material. In addition their properties are size-dependent and so nanoparticles can be considered as new building blocks of matter or 'giant atoms', whose properties can be tailored. The state of the art in nanotechnology (sometimes referred to as incremental nanotechnology) uses this novel property of nanoparticles in the building of new materials and devices. The next phase (or evolutionary nanotechnology) is to functionalise the nanoparticles themselves, by making them from more than one element or as coreshell structures so that each one becomes a device.

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