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ESDRED Module 4 (Temporary Sealing Technology) - Final report

Project ID: 508851


Module 4, Temporary Sealing (using low pH cement) Technology, was focused on designing and demonstrating low pH cement formulations for the construction of sealing plugs and for rock support using shotcrete techniques. The partners involved were, ENRESA (Co-ordinator), NAGRA, POSIVA, SKB, CSIC & AITEMIN.
The construction of underground repositories for the disposal of high activity wastes (high level vitrified waste and spent fuel) will require the use cementitious materials for ground structural support and for the construction of auxiliary structures needed for the operation of the repository. Besides other applications, most underground repository concepts consider the use of cementitious materials for the construction of temporary or permanent plugs and rock support. The plugs are used to provide temporary mechanical (and sometimes hydraulic) confinement to buffer and seal materials arranged around the waste containers; other plugs provide the same functions for the seals placed at different locations in the underground disposal facilities. Specifically the use of concrete for rock support will be a key issue for repository concepts in clayey rock to guarantee the stability of the excavations (shafts, main tunnels and deposition drifts), but they may also be necessary in repositories built in crystalline rock as well.
For some applications the concrete will be in contact with the bentonite buffer materials and the host rock. Over time, concretes based on Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), leached by the

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