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ESDRED Module 6 (Integration activities) - Final summary report and global evaluation of the project

Project ID: 508851


The Integrated Project known as ESDRED (Engineering Studies and Demonstrations of Repository Designs) has been a joint research and development effort by major national radioactive waste management agencies (or subsidiaries of those agencies) and by research organisations. ESDRED was co-ordinated by the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA) and was part of the European Commission¿s 6th Euratom Framework Programme for Nuclear Research and Training. The five year Project started with a total budget of EURO 18.4 million, of which 7.3 million was provided by the EC¿s Framework Programme. Many of the participants elected to do more, or more elaborate, work than originally envisaged so that a conservative estimate of the total final expenditure (including other increased costs) is 23 million Euro.
ESDRED has been focused on technology and has had three main objectives. The FIRST OBJECTIVE was to demonstrate, at an industrial scale, the technical feasibility of some very specific activities related to the construction, operation and closure of a deep geological repository for high level radioactive waste. This part of the work was organised inside four (4) Technical Modules (and numerous work packages) and essentially involved the conception, design, fabrication and demonstration of equipment or products for which relevant proven industrial counterparts (mainly in the nuclear and mining industry) do not exist today. Execution of the work was often by third party sub-contractors (especially the detailed design, fabrication and testing of new equipment) although, depending on the participant, more or less of the work was done in-house.
Each of the four technical Modules involved from 3 to 7 participants thus ensuring that the know-how and experience from several different national disposal concepts could be integrated into the work. The programmes within these Modules are provided on the following pages.

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