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Increasing production capacity in the furniture industry, integration group technology, CAD/CAM and advanced manufacturing applications

The systems implemented in CIMTEL and the developed advanced manufacturing application for coding and classification in preproduction and engineering (AMACE) system were tested for their functionality and their effectiveness as a tool to rationalize the data generation tasks in the product design phases. So far tests at the industrial partners have shown that reduction of lead times with 50% can be achieved with full scale implementation after set up of the system as an integrated tool. Full scale implementation includes a complete set up of the system with all basic data available in the database. In the AMACE solution, a full scale implementation also includes set up/programming of company specific templates. Programming of templates can for the first time be time consuming, but once the basic product templates have been set up the maintenance and creation of new templates can be achieved by copying existing templates with editing.

The goal is to reduce both the cost and time involved in the introduction of new components, products and product series. Applications include furniture manufacture as well as other industries (pumps, small motors, clothes, etc).

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