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Thermography and shearography as nondestructive testing and quality control on airframe structures

Thermography and shearography were investigation in 2 main directions: quality control and field inspection.
Work was done on defect detectability and diagnostic analysis methods stressing the speed, cost effectiveness and full field characteristics.
For these techniques the research project allowed industrial partners to reach a very high degree of skill and to gain benefits on routine production activity flow. Several of the developed systems are new to Europe and more versatile with respect to the commercially available ones.
Several of the partners intend to use shearography and thermography as auxiliary and primary inspection tools. Besides the pure nondestructive testing (NDT) field, thermography will be employed to monitor thermal behaviour of aircraft parts as well as to determine thermophysical quantities such as emittance and conductivity. Shearography can be usefully applied for strain analysis and vibration test evaluation.

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