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Synthesis of oil containing metallic coatings with improved wear resistance

A technology has been developed based on the same principles as the electrolytic production of wear resistance composite nickel coatings containing hard silicon carbide particles (Ni-SiC) presently used to a large extent in the automotive industry. The incorporation of liquids in metallic coatings (eg nickel, copper, cobalt, gold, iron, zinc) and their alloys has been achieved by the incorporation of microcapsules in electrolytic coatings. These microcapsules consist of a liquid core, (eg oil, tracer, corrosion inhibitor) surrounded by a polymeric shell. Recent developments allow the synthesis of such micron sized microcapsules with surface properties compatible with the electroplating technology. This offers the possibility to produce wear resistant coatings based on a release of oil only by the time and at locations where wear occurs. It offers also possibilities to trace the progress of wear, to limit drastically the amount of oil required for external lubrication of machinery, and to obtain coatings exhibiting a low coefficient of friction in unlubricated metal metal contacts. The expertise available is related to the synthesis of appropriate microcapsules, the electroplating of test samples on a laboratory scale, and the laboratory testing of the wear performance of coated parts.

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