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Magnetooptical recording storage media

One of the potential applications of metallic multilayers is for the magnetooptical storage media. For instance, cobalt platinum multilayers with cobalt layers of the order of 1 nm are recognised for such applications. The large uniaxial anisotropy and Kerr rotation in the blue light make them interesting for high density magnetooptical storage. But the Curie temperature of these materials is in the range 300 to 400 C which poses a problem for thermomagnetic writing process. Because heating to such temperatures will destroy the multilayer structure and hence the properties. We have studied and developed a new system of multilayers, based on cobaltx-nickel1-x platinum where the Curie temperature can be adjusted at will. For example, for x in the range 0.3 to 0.5 the Curie temperature can be brought down to 200 C without trading off other properties of technological interest. More work is needed to optimize the results. These material are chemically very stable unlike the amorphous rare earth transition metal alloy films currently used.

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