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Laser induced colouring of plastics and lacquers

This project aims to develop a reliable and flexible system for laser induced colouring of plastics and lacquers for the decoration and labelling of industrial products, based on using certain additives (pigments, dyes, prechromic and photochromic compounds) in polymer matrices and applying laser irradiation of various wavelengths.

A study of the chemical, photochemical and physical phenomena, occurring upon laser excitation of pure polymer matrices, bare pigments and pigmented matrices, will provide the necessary background knowledge. A thorough evaluation of laser parameters and their influence on various effects in the material will lead to the right choice of laser technology.

The correct combination of pigments plus prechromic and photochromic compounds in adequate matrices must lead, under correctly chosen laser excitation, to coloured decoration or labelling of reproducible quality, having a clear contrast, high durability and a good wear resistance.
The aims are:
to write, in white and more than 2 additional colours, on a dark background of a synthetic material;
in black and at least 2 additional colours, on a light background of a synthetic material.

Laser induced multicoloured decoration will be demonstrated at the end of the project in a pilot production multicolour laser system.

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