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Software which simulates infrared heating processes for composites and plastics

The items of exploitable technology are:
software which simulates infrared (IR) heating processes of thermoplastic composite lay ups and their moulds;
consulting services relating to heat transfer in IR or hot autoclave processing of thermoplastic composites, thermoset composites or polymers in general.

To our knowledge, this is the first software in the world that simulated the IR heating of thermoplastic composites. The results are most directly relevant to manufacturers of thermoplastic components using IR heating and cold autoclave forming. Results may also be used in thermoset composites, polymer in general and hot autoclave processing.

The industrial sectors of relevance are manufacturers of polymer or polymer composite components for the aerospace, automotive and machine tool sectors.
The technical and commercial potential is to supply these results as design software and specialized consultancy services using the software.
The benefits of this technology to industry is that use of this software will reduce process design time, equipment set up time and manufacturing time and improve product quality.

Reported by

University College Galway
Manufacturing Research Centre
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