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Soft magnetic alloys with decreased energy losses

Soft magnetic ribbons and laminations have been prepared, wither through rapid solidification from the melt or chemical vapour deposition (CVD), which exhibit lower losses than conventional alloys. Amorphous alloys have been obtained by rapid quenching as very thin ribbons of less than 20 um. After suitable low temperature thermomagnetic annealing at temperatures below 300 C, they exhibit high frequency loss figures far lower than the ones presented by ferrites and iron nickel tapes, at frequencies greater than 10 kHz. Iron silicon 6.5% weight ribbons, obtained by the same technique, favourably compare with conventional thinned iron silicon laminations at medium frequencies of 400 Hz to 10 kHz. For applications at lower frequencies of 50 Hz to 1 kHz, a dynamic CVD process has been developed, by which standard grain oriented and nonoriented silicon steel laminations are silicon enriched, up to 6.5% weight concentration. Improved loss properties are associated in this case with a decrease of more than one order of magnitude of the audible magnetoacoustic noise.

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Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris
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