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Rail crash investigation tool (RCIT)

Rail and light railway transportation systems have constantly proved to be one of the safest forms of travel in terms of injuries per passenger miles. This is partially due to the safety recommendations made after each rail crash. Such recommendations result from accident investigators assessment of the source of injury and remedying the cause. It is proposed to develop a rail crash investigation tool (RCIT) incorporating the main 6 modules of:
an interactive menu driven preprocessor to set up and modify data files;
a database of typical generic models of rail wagons from which a model can be extracted and appropriately modified;
a database of past accidents to which each new accident is added;
a structural analysis module with the ability to dynamically model a train by a number of beams and lumped masses;
an occupant simulation program capable of modelling passengers within seats in a compartment;
a postprocessing module to interrogate the analysis in numerical or graphical form.

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