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Twin torch direct current plasma system

Tetronics, a world leader in high power thermal plasma arcs, has developed a unique, patented twin torch direct current (DC) plasma system. The twin arc plasm differs from standard transferred arcs as it eliminates the need for a return electrical conduction path to a submerged electrode connection through the material being processed. Advantages include the ability to make very pure materials, and to design flexible treatment systems.

Processes such as roasting, drying, calcining, scarfing, descaling, heating, melting, smelting, chlorination, nanopowder production, and incineration can be performed with Tetronics' twin torch plasm systems at enhanced reaction rates, and with greater throughput per reactor.

Equally beneficial, the low exhaust gas volumes generated in the twin torch plasm reactor, and the ability to achieve tight control of the process chemistry, means that the systems can be individually designed to comply with even the most stringent environmental statutory requirements.

Oxidizing or corrosive gases can be heated by direct injection into the arc coupling zone and the products of reaction discharged without electrode contact. This system may be applied in applications such as gas heating, gas reforming, gasification of residuals and low grade pulverized coal, and vessel drying and preheating.

The twin torch plasma arc is ideally suited for ash melting and waste destruction.

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