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LUCIE software: simulation software for crushing plants

This software program named LUCIE is designed to calculate an operating point for given equipment. It consists of the following modules:

An interface with operator provides the definition of given equipment based on user friendly graphic tools. This interface contains the icons corresponding to the basic machines comprising the quarry facilities.

The database contains the characteristic values of the different types of crushers and is used to calculate mathematical models for various crusher versions. Its access is open to enable the operator to enter the values relevant to his machinery.

A simulation module has been designed to calculate an equilibrium point (in the sense of fluxes) by acting on the input flow of the equipment. This module provides the possibility of determining, for a given combination of settings of the various machines, the maximum allowable average input rate and of calculating the resulting production.
An optimization module has also been designed to minimize a criterion whose value is weighted by the operator to match his production requirements. Minimization of this criterion leads to the determination of optimum settings of the crushers, thereby fulfilling the production requirements.

The results are then displayed on a screen. These results show the setting values of the crushes calculated by optimization, the input flows and the size distribution at various points of the equipment.

LUCIE software runs on a personal computer (PC) and needs a mathematical coprocessor for optimization. A great number of trials have been done on real cases. These simulations have shown that results calculated by LUCIE software correspond to real values with good precision (around 10% for the flows at various points of the equipment).

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