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Mechanical alloying of neodymium iron boron alloys

Within the project an economic processing route for the production of neodymium iron boron powders by mechanical alloying has been developed. After an appropriate heat treatment the remanent polarization (related to the theoretical density) and the coercivity amount to 0.75 T and 12 kA/cm. Such alloy powders are appropriate for the manufacture of polymer bonded magnets with a remanent polarization of 0.5 T and a coercivity of 11.5 kA/cm. The maximum energy density amounts to 40 kJm{-3}.

By hot pressing and subsequent hot deformation compact anisotropic neodymium iron boron magnets with a remanent polarization of 1.28 T and coercivities of about 8 kA/cm could be prepared on a laboratory scale. Unannealed mechanically alloyed neodymium iron boron powders are also promising for compaction by hot rolling or hot extrusion, respectively.

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