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Wave interaction with a submerged horizontal cylinder

A horizontal, submerged cylinder oscillating in heave and surge has been investigated. Preliminary measurements indicate that superposition of results obtained with the cylinder oscillating in pure surge and pure heave do not necessarily yield correct results for the case of oscillation in both modes at the same time.

On deep water, a difference in the amplitude of the x and z (horizontal and vertical direction) components of the excitation force of 30% has been observed. This agrees with the difference of 65% in radiation resistances in surge and heave, found from measurement of radiated waves. With the cylinder in circular (but nonspinning) motion, it seems that the radiated waves cannot be calculated by superposition of waves found in experiments where the cylinder oscillates in only one mode at a time.

Further, measurements of forces which are in phase with the cylinder acceleration, indicate that the added mass associated with the x and z components of the cylinder oscillation are different from those found when the cylinder is oscillating in only one mode (surge or heave).

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Universitetet i Trondheim
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