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Thermal and chemical barrier coatings for diesel engines and gas turbine engines

The main objective of the project is to lower the operating costs and maintenance costs of diesel engine and gas turbine engines, by improving the engine efficiency, increasing component lifetime, using cheaper fuels and reducing cooling requirements.

Achievements include the following:
plasma sprayed zirconia coatings showing much better behaviour than standard coatings in thermal cycling;
definition of stabilizer distribution, powder grain size, powder flow rate and substrate temperature as the key parameters;
carbon dioxide laser surface sealing and strengthening with alumina addition to generate large mechanical improvements in terms of hardness, wear, erosion, thermal fatigue, hot corrosion and oxidation;
further improvements using a mixture of 30% hafnia and 70% yttria stabilized zirconia;
successful testing of industrial components including nozzle liners and flaps of an F100 engine, and exhaust valves of a small ship engine;
no spalling or debonding after 100 flights in a Falcon F16 or after 1000 cycles in a bench test;
production of wear on as sprayed coatings, but not lasered coatings, from fretting of adjacent flaps;
progress on certificates of airworthiness;
consideration of industrial production and evaluation of industrial costs of zirconia powders and coatings.

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