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Redirecting carbohydrate flow in plant cells

Translocators have been cloned and functional analysis is underway. 2-OG metabolizing enzymes are being purified and analysed with emphasis on isocitratedehydrogeneases. Regulatory steps in carbohydrate interconversion have been identified by (over)expressing a range of enzymatic activities in plants which affect carbohydrate partitioning or by suppressing endogenous enzymatic activities. The key metabolite for cell wall biosynthesis is uridine diphosphate (UDP) glucose and plants which accumulate this intermediate have been obtained. Genes for apoplastic invertases have been cloned from several plant species. Transgenic plants which accumulate fructans have been obtained and especially in potato high levels of fructans were observed. Expression systems for sugar beet are being evaluated and comparative studies initiated for structural analysis of fructan.

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