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Low melting point aluminium alloy brazes

Most high strength aluminium engineering alloys cannot be joined by brazing because they either degrade or melt at the temperature at which commercially available aluminium brazes are used.

A brazing process suitable for joining aluminium engineering alloys has been developed employing 2 novel low melting point brazes. The brazes are available as ductile foil preforms. The process is fluxless so that no postjoining cleaning treatments are necessary. The aluminium components and the brazing foil require a simple chemical treatment prior to their use. The brazing process involves heating to a temperature of 510 to 550 C, maintained for a period of 5 to 45 min, in either vacuum or a furnace chamber that is purged continuously with nitrogen gas. Alternatively the brazes can be used in air with a suitable flux. High strength joints with adequate resistance to corrosion can be made. Some promising new applications for aluminium brazing technology have been developed, based on this new process.

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