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High speed oil free intelligent motocompressor (HOFIM)

A variable frequency converter and high speed induction machine have been matched from an electrical angle. Power electronics, reactors and snubber circuits have been developed. High speed motors and Barrel compressors have been designed using active magnetic bearings and rotor dynamics calculation for each machine has been done.

The aim was to develop a new, completely unattended, oil free motocompressor, covering the speed and power ranges required by the off shore oil and gas industries.
The work has been successfully completed, allowing the development of an innovative product with remarkable technical and economic advantages over competitive products.

Project results are very interesting for gas companies, oil companies and large off shore business engineering companies, while other potential applications are being envisaged in areas where unattended operation is required, such as in the space and aircraft industry. The economic advantage of the oil free operation can be easily demonstrated, not only in terms of maintenance costs but also in terms of environmental impact.

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