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Cost-effective scalable interconnect

As networks grow increasingly larger and greater demands are placed upon them, system communications becomes the performance bottleneck. The move to fast-packet switching techniques and the emergence of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) standards are only short term solutions: soon, even higher bit-rates will be needed.

The ideal interconnect system would provide scalability, flexibility, simplicity and most importantly, a low cost per connection. With this as a goal the DS-Link serial interconnect system was developed, a high performance interface that supports the IEEE 1355 standard. This system has been targeted at systems requiring a fast point-to-point switched architecture including token ring and Ethernet hubs, ATM applications, intelligent bridge-routers, digital video distribution and video-on-demand server interconnects, and multi-processor interconnects.

The core of the system is the DS-Link, a 4-wire bi-directional serial interconnect which employs an innovative bit-level physical encoding, eliminating the need for a separate synchronous clock and reducing costs. The physical design of the link inherently contains all the elements required to build fault-tolerant systems.

Reported by

The 1355 Association
c/o 4Links Limited, Bletchley Park
MK3 6ZP Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
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