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Software reuse

Organized reuse of software assets in the software development process promises significant benefits to the software industry. Reuse can improve software time-to-market, quality and productivity, and contribute to standardization and reduced maintenance in software production. However, software companies need to know how to identify and produce reusable assets to incorporate into the production process. To fill this market, the REBOOT consortium has developed a comprehensible approach to efficiently address organizational aspects, managerial aspects and technical aspects of software reuse.

The REBOOT Methodology Handbook 'Software Reuse: A Holistic Approach' offers a practical and comprehensible guide to adopting reuse for the benefit of all software producing organizations and information technology departments. The guidelines are based on the industrial experience of 8 participating companies involved in developing reusable software and re-engineering existing software. The methodology therefore reflects current practice and has been fully tested and evaluated in real applications. It takes account of all stages of software reuse from the identification, qualification, classification and storage of software components to their retrieval, evaluation and adaptation for use within a new software product. To help companies assess the benefits of reuse, the handbook focuses on how to measure the effect on productivity, lead time and quality, and provides a model to measure reusability of a software component. Analysis of reuse opportunities and techniques are also presented.

The methodology handbook is one of a series of services and products offered by the REBOOT consortium to assist companies implement software reuse into their production processes. An integrated set of training packages, consultancy services and a complete software workbench to support the methodology enables REBOOT to be applied in any software company. The flexibility of the approach means the methodology can be adopted incrementally without any radical change in the software production process.

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