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Synthetic diamond wire for stone cutting

The practical tool, known as 'Diamond Coated Wire' or 'Synthetic Diamond Wire', consists of a series of beads periodically placed along a closed loop cable, partially covered by an elastomeric plastic. The plastic protects the wire and enables constant reparation between the beads. It is the hardness of the diamond containind in the 'beads' that enables a cut to made through the rocks or concrete. The diamond may be electroplated over a metallic ring or embedded in such a ring through a pulvimetallurgical process. This is achieved by pressing and posterior sintering of the diamonds together with the metallic powder (normally cobalt and tungsten carbide). There are many advantages associated with using a diamond coated tool for cutting in quarries or in construction. The technique, even with a wire that is not fully optimized, is extensively applied for cutting calcareous materials as well as magmatic materials or materials of metamorphic origin.

If a comparison is made with other more complicated and destructive methods such as cutting by means of a 'hot dart' or explosives, the wire produces low noise, less dust and fewer vibrations. Therefore, it allows the exploitation of quarries next to residential areas and improves the working conditions. Of most importance is the environmentally-friendly aspect of this tool when compared with that associated with other methods. The extraction of large volumes of rocks in quarries has led to conformation between industrial needs and the environmental damage.

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