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A 1-shot 3-dimensional sensor

A simple configuration with corresponding software has been devised for the acquisition of 3-dimensional data from dynamic scenes. The system is based on the projection of a regular pattern, of which a single image is taken. It is cheap, requiring only 1 projector and 1 camera. It produces both a range image and an intensity image of the scene, without the need to align the 2, thereby yielding realistically looking reconstructions. Furthermore, the system is easy to use and calibrate and the associated software is available. Because both the range information and the intensity information are obtained from a single image, the system can be used in dynamic environments, allowing robots to navigate during data acquisition and to model or inspect moving objects, (eg for virtual reality purposes). This '1-shot' characteristic is quite unique for an active system. Furthermore, avoiding mechanically driven parts for scanning gives the system increased robustness and lowers the price substantially. This system has been developed under the ACTS project VANGUARD, as part of the programme's investments in advanced multimedia and user interactions in telecommunications. The system is equally applicable to applications in the area of production automation and inspection.

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